co-driver services

with you for your journey

Although Co-Driver is a new name, the initial launch is the formalisation of successful projects and services that our teams have been delivering to customers for over a decade. By creating a set of formal service descriptions within a flexible framework of contract terms and deliverables, we aim to offer our skills and expertise to a wider set of clients to offer value for the longer journey.

Our Co-Driver managed and professional services sets are broadly categorised into four areas that cover Advisory & Audit, Infrastructure, Security and Managed.

Unfortunately, as is human nature, there will always be criminality. However, the modern world, with its formidable physical security, has made traditional crimes such as bank robberies almost obsolete. Instead, cybercrime both for financial gain, ideological reasons or simply just vandalism, has grown every single year since it was first recognised as an issue in the 1970’s. And it’s not just financial institutions or governments that are the targets. Every piece of data including credit card number, medical records or customer lists has a potential value to somebody.

It’s also not just external attackers; a significant proportion of cybercrime will often have either a willing or unwitting insider that has either opened the door or forgot to keep it shut. For many organisations, trying to maintain adequate levels of security to stop cyberattacks while meeting regulatory requirements, is a complex and expensive task. A situation made worse by a national shortage of skilled information security professionals and a constantly changing landscape of technology, vulnerabilities and requirements. Getting the right staff is hard; keeping them in such an in-demand workplace is even tougher.

Co-Driver is our managed and professional services offering that aims to provide a better option for organisations of all shapes and sizes that want more than just a product seller but don’t perceive a benefit in full scale outsourcing security.