Post Install Services

Post Install Services

As a consultative company, ANSecurity provide on-going professional services for all aspects of an IT network.

We work with a number of our clients on a consultancy retainer basis where we allocate our accredited consultants to work as an extension of their IT Teams. Our clients often lean onto our consultants for advice and support which really helps us understand their needs and requirements. Our consultancy retainers have a flexible range from a few days to up to 60 days per annum.

Due to the partnerships we hold with our vendors, our consultants must sit vendor accreditations regularly and are highly skilled with networking and security technologies. Each of the consultants have previously worked as part of or managed an IT team within corporate or public sector end users, so they are more than capable of understanding different client needs.


Our consultants are skilled in multiple vendors. This allows us to integrate new equipment into your environment efficiently, as well as utilise existing solutions to ensure that you’re getting the most value. These are delivered through on site meetings, design reviews of existing systems and a complete proposal. We talk through people’s requirements, understanding them and then we design a solution which will complement their network and address the concerns they have.


Our team can help you define a suitable internal policy and processes following best practice security procedures that work for your organisation, ensuring network and data security whilst maintaining usability, availability and ease of access for authorised users. This can include amongst others, web access policy, content control, remote access, data leakage, business continuity.


ANSecurity offer bespoke training within an organisation to ensure our customer’s technical teams
are able to be self-sufficient with the solutions we have deployed. From firewalls, switching, routing and wireless.


Wireless environments change over time and every environment is different. An onsite wireless survey is necessary to ensure capacity and coverage is to the level demanded within your environment. At ANSecurity we offer pre-installation site surveys to ensure the correct placement and number of access points are deployed as well as post-installation site surveys to ensure that the wireless network is performing correctly. Identifying sources of interference, capacity and growth concerns.


Solutions and network appliances, like any system require periodic health checks to ensure that equipment is running supported firmware, is patched to the latest security standard, and is operating to the optimum standard. As new features are added to products ANSecurity can advise on the best way to utilise them in your environment and assist with any configuration or enablement work required.


At ANSecurity we understand that all companies are different, we will work with you to understand your business needs, what can be realistically attained given your company resources and what the technology can provide. Within our team, each consultant is assigned a subset of the vendors in our portfolio to specialise in and develop a deep understanding of.  The team also performs regular cross training to ensure that all members have a broad understanding of other technologies in the market. All our team members are passionate about technology and will often be found testing the latest technology out in our lab.

Post Install Services