Networking & Security

Networking & Security

ANSecurity can advise on best practice procedures and assist you in defining policy for you, administrators and staff and, how to enforce these with user education or via restrictions and configuration on your systems.


The number of processes a business needs will be relevant to its size. Small organisations can benefit from being more agile and having less ridged process and policy. As an organisation grows, process and policy become more important. The management of a large organisation cannot have contact with every employee; it becomes difficult to observe staff behaviours and communicate how they should behave. As company growth increases, the need for improved information security process expands due to increasing risk. It only takes one person to make a mistake for an organisation to be compromised and therefore more people equals more risk.

Setting down network and security processes is an important part of securing a business. This communicates to all staff how management wishes them to behave when using IT resources and defines what measures should be used to protect the businesses information. The network and security policy will guide IT staff during the planning, deployment, and maintenance phases of all projects. We have seen many occasions where a new security device has been purchased, then immediately circumvented by company staff due to lack of clear process.

Some small organisations have tough policies and processes enforced on them by larger business partners or Government bodies. We can help make sense of these policies and assist in developing processes which will be manageable without teams of people, all while being cost-effective.

“As company growth increases the need for improved information security process is increase due to increasing risk, it only takes one person to make a mistake for an organisation to be compromised”


We can look at your network and security policy as a whole or part of your policy, such as firewall policy, posture of devices and web access policy. We will first discuss what you have in place today: technology, formal or informal documentation and where you need assistance. We will then look at your end goal and where you want to be, the regulation and standards you need to comply with and what is best practice for your needs. We will then advise you regarding configuring your equipment and what you might need to look at in the future to enforce the policy.

Networking & Security