Manufacturing & Construction

Manufacturing & Construction

Working across multiple sites, often across the globe, is something we pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve.

ANSecurity’s specialities for the Manufacturing and Construction sectors include:

  • Ensuring the intellectual property belonging to both you and your clients is secure
  • Ensuring devices that do not belong on your network are not able to be connected at any point
  • Providing systems to allow data to be shared across the globe with optimum security without slowing processing down.
  • Reliable and high performance wired and wireless infrastructure in factories and warehouses to ensure robust connectivity across all sites.
  • Securing corporate and guest user access to networks to ensure the right people can access only the right systems and information
  • Protecting against data loss
  • Enabling all infrastructure to be managed and controlled securely from one central location, enabling a complete view of the entire network at any one time.
  • Securing the network against external and internal threats, whether malicious or unintentional, and providing a forensic response to identify and repel any threat.

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Manufacturing & Construction Case Studies

Industrial leader strengthens security while lowering costs

Next generation firewall upgrade at 20 sites across three continents using innovative Platform Suitability Assessment methodology streamlines migration during four-month project without downtime

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Industrial leader strengthens security while lowering costs
Manufacturing & Construction