How We Work

We are a progressive company with traditional values. We like to build a relationship with our customers that stands the test of time and we are proud to say some of our customers have been with us since ANSecurity began. There is no secret to the way we do business. We simply talk to our customers, work with them to identify their needs, and then find solutions that will deliver exactly that. Our aim is simple: To help our customers do business efficiently, cost-effectively, and with complete confidence their systems will be protected.

What You Can Expect


1. Discovery

Our first step is to talk to you, to find out what your business requires from its IT infrastructure, and then we design a system that will fulfil exactly what you need.

At this point we offer:
  • Network security testing and reviewing
  • Solutions architecture & design
  • Carrying out wireless site surveys

2. Proving It

No matter how simple or complex our solutions are, we will always prove they will work before we install them.

At this point we offer:
  • Onsite trials
  • Demo days

3. Install & Configure

Once we’ve proved our solutions will do everything you have asked, our team of engineers will install it for you and configure it to suit the unique needs of your business.

At this point we offer:
  • Both onsite and remote installation and configuration

4. Training

We are always on-hand for our customers, but we know it is more cost-effective for staff to be equipped with the knowledge to operate and manage their IT systems in-house.

At this point we offer:
  • Accredited training
  • Bespoke training

5. The Future

We like to say we build relationships while we build networks, and we love that some of the clients we first worked with when we began our business in 2003 are still clients today. One of the reasons we think this is the case is because of our ongoing support, our commitment to keeping clients informed of the latest technology and threats to infrastructure, and to ensure our solutions remain efficient and adaptable to our clients’ changing needs.

At this point we offer:
  • Year-round 24/7 support
  • Renewals management
  • Security reviews
  • Consultancy services

Let's Talk About Your Data Security